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December 21, 2009

Merry Christmas

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The end of a year is always a time of introspection.  As one year officially passes into the next, we naturally tend to reflect on the year that has passed.  We think about our mistakes, our missed opportunities.  If we are wise, we also count are blessings.
As I look back over 2009, I know that I have much to be thankful for.  And among the greatest of my blessings are the opportunity I have to work for Christians United For Israel and the people I have met through this work.
Israel is not an easy issue – it is complex and controversial.  In supporting Israel, we often find ourselves sharing difficult realities – we must sound the alarm about Iran, we must warn of Hezbollah.  We must be the ones to remind our neighbors that there is evil in the world.  We must bear witness to dangers so many would much prefer to ignore.
No, Israel is not easy.  Thus, I find that those Christians who choose to stand up for Israel are so often people of great love and good courage.  You weren’t born into this issue like so many of us in the Jewish Community.  You have chosen to take it on.  You have volunteered to make Israel’s fight, your fight.  You have decided to truly love your Jewish neighbor as yourself.
As I reflect on the most important people in my life, I am always amazed at how many of them are people I have had the privilege of meeting through our work, people on our staff.  Our state and city directors, and the people I have visited in communities across America who demonstrate such pure Christian love through their dedication to this cause.  Part of the blessing of blessing Israel comes to us immediately, in the form of each other.
As the year comes to an end, I pray that you also look back on 2009 and likewise count CUFI among your blessings.  I look forward to working with all of you in 2010.  And I wish all of you a very merry Christmas.

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