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May 11, 2009

Johanna Justin-Jinich

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Last week, the nation was shocked by a brutal murder.  Stephen Morgan walked into a Connecticut bookstore and shot 21-year-old Johanna Justin-Jinich to death.  In his journal entry that morning, Morgan wrote, “I think it is okay to kill Jews.”. Justin-Jinich was half Jewish.
Morgan seems to have been some sort of stalker.  His journal, simply the rantings of a lunatic.  He will go to jail or a mental institution.
Elsewhere, similar lunatics have written longingly of “killing Jews.”  Among the crimes of the Jews, they claim, is the fact that “With their money they take control of the world media….  They were behind the French Revolution and the Communist Revolution.  With money they have formed secret organizations all over the world in order to destroy societies … such as the Freemasons, Rotary Clubs, the Lions, Bnai Brith, etc.”
This second quote comes not from the journal of Stephen Morgan, but from the Covenant of Hamas.  Far worse than these deranged words, of course, is the fact that Hamas has repeatedly acted on them by killing Jews.
Yet while Morgan is headed to jail, Hamas seems headed towards legitimacy.  An increasing number of voices are calling for negotiations with Hamas.  Talks, they assert, will accomplish what marginalization has not:  moderation.
The best argument for negotiating with Hamas is the fact that the US successfully negotiated with the Sunni insurgents in Iraq.  Through a combination of talks and significant financial support, we transformed these insurgents from enemies killing our troops to allies attacking Al Qaeda.  This was an undeniable improvement.
Yet the difference between Iraq’s Sunni insurgents and Hamas is too stark to ignore.  The Sunni insurgents decided on their own that Al Qaeda posed a greater threat to them than the United States.  The Sunnis longed primarily for security, status and income, not dead Americans.  Once we put them on the payroll, our shared interests far outweighed our differences.
Hamas, on the other hand, perceives no threat greater than Israel, and it harbors no goal above Israel’s destruction.  Hamas clearly and unequivocally rejects compromise with Israel as “high treason” which will condemn the offending moderates to “hell.”  So long as the US remains committed to the survival of Israel, there is no scenario under which the US and Hamas could find themselves sharing fundamental interests.  Putting Hamas on the payroll won’t change what it is they are dreaming of and working towards.
In its Covenant, Hamas invokes the concept that judgment day will not come until “the Muslims will fight the Jews and kill them.”. They have already begun to live their homicidal dreams.
We too have dreams.  We dream of peace in the Middle East and reconciliation between Muslims and Jews.  But as we work to make these dreams come true, we cannot afford to ignore reality.  There are partners for peace who live in the real world.  And there are lunatics who believe that it is okay to kill Jews.  We dare not confuse the two.


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