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February 6, 2009

Happy Birthday CUFI

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We haven’t looked back since.  We have held three successful and increasingly well-attended Washington summits.  We have held over eighty-five Nights to Honor Israel in cities across America.  In recent weeks alone, we have held over twenty Standing with Israel rallies in response to the Gaza crisis.  We have steadily grown our list of members.  We have solicited your support when our leaders in Washington needed to hear from you, and you have responded by the tens of thousands.
While the progress has been steady, the sailing has not always been smooth.  Israel is a deeply controversial topic.  In addition, Christian efforts to influence American policy – especially our foreign policy – have always enraged critics who would prefer that people of faith stay out of politics.   We fully expected that our efforts to unify America’s Christians in defense of Israel would meet with resistance.  These expectations have been met and, at times, exceeded.
We in CUFI are accused of longing for the Apocalypse.  We read that we oppose peace with the Palestinians and crave war with Iran.  Yet these critics ignore the one thing that matters – our record.  One need only read The Israel Pledge  to understand what it is we really stand for.  We stand today and forever in support of Israel’s right to exist.  We stand today and forever in support of Israel’s right to defend itself from terrorism.  We stand today and forever in support of Israel’s right to live in peace and security with its neighbors.  No matter how hard they try to change the topic, it is those who oppose this agenda who are the real extremists.
The recent conflict in Gaza provided a clear reminder of the importance of our work.  In cities across the country, protesters denounced Israel for daring to exercise its right to self defense after thousands of missiles had fallen on its cities and towns.  But when Israel’s critics spoke up, we also spoke up.  Both in our thousands of e-mails to the White House and our participation in pro-Israel rallies across the country, we made our voice heard.  When we did so, we made it clear to all that Israel’s support in America is broad and deep and unshakable.
Difficult days are coming for Israel.  I know this is true because there has never been a moment in Israel’s history when this has not been true.  And I know this is true because the threats to Israel are even greater now than ever before in its troubled history.  As these threats mount, Israel’s opponents here at home will continue to speak out.  But with continued faith and hard work, we know that we will be able to speak far louder.  We know we will be able to provide crucial support to Israel in its quest for peace and security.  And we know how blessed we are to be able to be part of so just a cause.
Happy Birthday, CUFI.  May you continue to go from strength to strength in the years to come!


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